Manna Gallery is pleased to present a unique audio installation by gallery partner, sculptor, composer and playwright Dan Weber.  This installation opens September 28 and continues until November 10, 2018.The gallery will host a reception for Dan on Saturday, October 6 from 2 – 4 pm.  Dan will be present at that time to guide visitors through ways to interact with the devices. 473 25th St., Oakland.  Fridays, Saturdays 12 – 5 pm, First Fridays 5 – 9 pm and by appointment.  510-536-7559.

Nearing the end of his life and after a series of heart attacks, the radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi imagined a machine that would be able to retrieve all sound that had ever been made.  All of the laughter, crying, birds singing, storms raging, horns honking, every sound.

This exhibit, Marconi’s Machines, asks the question; If you possessed such a machine, what sound would you most desire to bring back? A loved one’s voice, a piece of music, a day that changed the world?

The five delicate machines in this exhibit have been calibrated and tuned to randomly receive the sounds of the past. The retrieval of sound using Marconi’s machines is an inexact science.  Some sounds will be barely audible, some quite loud.

We ask the public to be respectful of the machines and of each other; do not touch the mechanisms or talk too loudly so as not to disturb the listening enjoyment of others.

Marconi’s Machines

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