In light of the stunning grand jury decisions in the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, people across America have taken to the streets in protest, yet internally they are still experiencing heartbreak, simmering rage, hopelessness, and a sense of paralysis. As a step toward recovery, the community is invited to two free trauma healing workshops on Saturday, December 6, 2014, at Anasa Yoga. Sponsored by TRE Los Angeles, the workshops are open to all ages and abilities.

Communities have been healing with Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) for more than 20 years. Frequently used after natural disasters or in war-torn areas, 3,000 people were trained in the Philippines after February’s devastating earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda. Weekly sessions are held in the favelas of Brasilia, and throughout the poverty-stricken, violence-wracked townships of South Africa. Here in the United States, whole communities are experiencing the impact of historic cultural traumas that are being made personal. By using TRE to find a place of internal peace, we can come together to mobilize for effective cultural and institutional change.
TRE are a simple set of physical exercises that release stress, tension, and trauma from the body. Used in more than 100 countries and even recognized by the US Department of Defense for its simplicity, brevity, and immediacy, this technique can be practiced independently after just one session. In the words of a prior workshop participant: “(TRE) is a game changer…the single most effective stress-reducing technique I’ve discovered.”

The free workshops will be taught by Nkem Ndefo, RN, CNM, a Certified TRE® Trainer and founder of TRE Los Angeles. She has extensive post-graduate education in complementary health modalities and emotional therapies, including direct training and collaboration with David Berceli, the creator of TRE®. She has worked as a clinician, educator, and researcher in settings ranging from large-volume hospitals to small community clinics, and has maintained a busy holistic health practice in Los Angeles since 2001.