Please join Uptima Business Bootcamp on Thursday, January 22, from 6:00-9:00pm at The Port Workspaces to explore the basics of design thinking. Learn how to use design thinking principles to develop a product / service. Apply design thinking principles to clarify your product / service idea. Register for this workshop or the workshop series:


6:00 – 6:15pm: Welcome & Introductions
6:15 – 6:45pm: Introduce Concepts
6:45 – 7:15pm: Business Development Activity
7:15 – 7:30pm: Break
7:30 – 8:30pm: Presentations & Feedback
8:30 – 9:00pm: Reflection & Discussion

About Uptima’s Small Business & Enterprise Workshop Series:

Uptima’s Small Business & Enterprise Workshop Series is a collection of hands-on workshops that offer tools, techniques, mentoring and peer feedback to support you in developing your small business or social enterprise. In each 3-hour workshop, you will generate a deliverable for use in your business development process. All workshops are facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs who mentor in Uptima’s Small Business & Enterprise Program.

About Uptima Business Bootcamp

Uptima Business Bootcamp is an innovative member-owned business accelerator dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with greater access to hands-on education, resources and community to create thriving businesses. Uptima’s programs encourage entrepreneurs to think holistically about their businesses and their impact on the community.Through a combination of in-person workshops, one-on-one mentorship and online learning, Uptima supports entrepreneurs through processes for developing their businesses. Uptima is very different from other business accelerators – as a cooperative, program participants are member-owners of the accelerator.This means they are part of a real community that shares in the accelerator’s profits and has a say in how the programs are run. More details on Uptima’s programs, memberships and applications can be found at