Ohlone Daily Life: Eat, Work and Play is the first of a FREE six-week Saturday series at Peralta Hacienda. During this first course, the Public History Programs Director at Peralta Hacienda introduces the Ohlone Native Peoples of the East Bay through activities and interactive dialogue. Kids and adults get to try all the activity stations from the Ohlone Daily Life school field trip.

It will take place March 7 through April 18 (with one Saturday off for Easter weekend) from 230-530. All events are free and wheelchair accessible.

Six experts will stage hands-on activities and unfold the story of the peoples who first lived in the territory we now call “California,” as well as peoples from all over the US who now live in Fruitvale.

For adults, the series will provide information and many perspectives. For kids, every session in the series features exciting and educational hands-on activities that bring to life this heritage.

The series starts with an action-packed session on March 7 with Wells Twombly, who directs Peralta Hacienda’s school field trips programs. As he presents Ohlone Daily Life, kids participate in five activity stations, playing Ohlone games, making Ohlone food, and other more. For instance they will see how the Ohlone made musical instruments from deer toenails—and have fun with playing their own rhythms.

Descendants of the workers on the Peralta rancho, Mexican Americans who celebrate their indigenous heritage, experts on the relationship of the Native Americans to native plants of the East Bay—each session will enhance your knowledge and understanding of California’s First Peoples. A special session unfolds the story of Native Americans relocated from all over the US in the 1960s, who now make Fruitvale a center for Native culture.