Oakland Local is a community resource for everyone 18-and-over who lives and/or works in Oakland. We welcome a wide range of views and support civil discourse. However, we don’t like assholes, hate speech, or trolls. That means we have some rules (civil disagreement, as BlogHer calls it, is just fine).

Hate speech, profanity, and being a bully or a jerk will not be tolerated.
We welcome multiple viewpoints, but require our visitors play nice.
Specifically, Oakland Local will not publish unacceptable content.

Furthermore, we remind you that the opinions you read here will belong to members of the Oakland community, but do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff. Oakland Local defines everything that is published on the site as content. That includes posts, comments, forum posts, poll responses, audio, video, images, Twitter streams, map links, and so on.

What is unacceptable to us?

  • Content that is abusive, defamatory, threatening to a person or persons.
  • Knowingly defamatory or libelous assertions.
  • Items that violate a copyright law, or that infringe on a third party’s trademark, trade secret, proprietary data or patent.
  • Being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten a person or persons.
  • Content that is libelous, defamatory, knowingly false or that misrepresents another person.
  • Opinion presented as fact with no substantiation (clearly label as opinion, please).
  • Violations of confidentiality and/or the privacy, publicity, moral or any other right of any third party.
  • Original or repurposed content that has been commissioned by and/or belongs to a third party and strikes us as spam, off-topic for-sale shilling, or malware.

We reserve the right to decide what is unacceptable and to act accordingly; definitions are not limited by this list since human invention is endless.
As you might imagine if you are reading down this far, we reserve the right to change these standards at any time without notice. We also reserve the right to remove links to any content at any time.

We welcome your involvement in developing our online community. We invite you to share concerns and thoughts by sending them to feedback@oaklandlocal.com and to flag spam posts and comments if you see them.

We also invite you to contact us whenever you see content that violates these guidelines.

P.S. We strongly urge posters to register with valid, non-disposable email addresses and/or to use their real names. While we understand and respect the need for confidentiality and privacy, we’re also aware how many people hide behind cloaked IDs to bully others, act out, and agitate. We respect complaints more when they come from audience members and community members who can tell us who they are, just as we tell you who we are.