Oakland Local has a great team of part-time volunteers, freelancers and contributors. We’re always looking for great people who can work with us, but we’re also starting this page so folks who are looking for specific kinds of work can find our employment listings here. (Please note: None of these jobs are full time or even part time staff positions. They do not offer benefits, and they are not full-time roles) However, most of them are paid positions, and some of them offer commission, great training and networking, etc.)
To apply for each job, read the description carefully, and then follow the directions.  For general jobs inquiries, contact jobs@oaklandlocal.com.  We’ll add the date each job is posted; we will only contact candidates we wish to speak to. And we appreciate everyone’s effort.

Development Intern, The Center for Media Change, posted July 27,2013

Tech & Business bloggers for Oakland Local, posted July 28, 2013

Sales & Marketing Junior Account Executive–posted July 15, 2013

Hiring interns for Fall 2013-2014